Monday, October 30th, 2023 | There’s one week until Election Day and that means its time to make your plan to vote! Visit our FAQs page on our website to see your sample ballot and for all the information you need to be an informed and empowered voter.

The People’s Slate candidates are a diverse mix of individuals and includes both challengers and incumbents. Each of them have pledged to fight the political corruption that has plagued Bridgeport; help to fix the city’s broken democracy; and advance real policies that support public education, affordable housing, public safety, the economy, and more. Unrig Bridgeport’s slate of endorsed candidates includes:

  • Tyler Mack | City Council | 131st District  | Row 10A
  • Aikeem Boyd | City Council | 133rd District | Row 10A
  • Frederick Hodges | City Council | 136th District | Row 10A
  • Aidee Nieves | City Council | 137th District | Row 11A
  • Maria Valle | City Council | 137th District | Row 10A
  • Tammy Roseboro | City Council | 139th District | Row 10C
  • Albert Benejan | Board of Education | Row 4C
  • JoAnn Kennedy | Board of Education | Row 5C

(A short biography and endorsement statement of each candidate can be found here.)

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