BRIDGEPORT, Connecticut, July 25, 2023 | On the morning of Bridgeport’s Democratic Convention, the Unrig Bridgeport Coalition announces The People’s Slate, a slate of political endorsements in support of ten outstanding candidates running for the Bridgeport City Council and Board of Education, ahead of the city’s primary elections on Tuesday, September 12th, 2023.

The endorsed slate of candidates is a diverse mix of individuals and includes both challengers and incumbents. Each of them have pledged to fight the political corruption that has plagued Bridgeport; help to fix the city’s broken democracy; and advance real policies that support public education, affordable housing, public safety, the economy, and more. Unrig Bridgeport’s slate of endorsed candidates includes:

  • Marilyn Moore | Mayor | Democrat (endorsed on June 3rd)
  • Tyler Mack | City Council | 131st District  | Democrat
  • Aikeem Boyd | City Council | 133rd District | Democrat
  • Frederick Hodges | City Council | 136th District | Democrat
  • Aidee Nieves | City Council | 137th District | Democrat
  • Maria Valle | City Council | 137th District | Democrat
  • Tammy Roseboro | City Council | 139th District | Democrat
  • Albert Benejan | Board of Education | Democrat
  • JoAnn Kennedy | Board of Education | Democrat
  • Jennifer Perez | Board of Education | Democrat
  • Robert Traber | Board of Education | Democrat

(A short biography and endorsement statement of each candidate can be found here.)

“The Unrig Bridgeport coalition is so excited and proud to support The People’s Slate – led by powerful women like Senator Marilyn Moore and City Council President Aidee Nieves – because we know these are the candidates who will fight against systemic corruption and special interests and who will provide Brideporters with the city government we need and deserve,” said Gemeem Davis, President and Co-Director of Bridgeport Generation Now Votes. “Bridgeporters are ready for change and voters are paying attention. We want better schools, safer streets, and a stronger city, and we are ready to vote for the candidates who will move our city forward.” 

All candidates running for Bridgeport City Council and the Board of Education were invited to participate in the Unrig Bridgeport endorsement process by completing a publicly available candidate questionnaire, participating in a candidate interview, and taking “The People’s Pledge” to support 80% of policies laid out in The People’s Platform. The People’s Platform, a new blueprint for Bridgeport’s future, lays out a transformative vision for the issues Bridgeport voters care most about: ending corruption, funding education, making housing more affordable, delivering real public safety and justice, ensuring new jobs, improving our roads, and more. The platform, which was officially released on March 25th, was informed by years of conversations with residents at community events and meetings throughout the city, as well as a citywide public opinion poll. 

An endorsement committee made up of organizational leaders from the Unrig Bridgeport Coalition reviewed, evaluated, and interviewed all participating candidates and made endorsement decisions accordingly.

“The people of Bridgeport are not the underdogs. This year, we will be seen, heard, and given a fair chance,” said Shaenna Taylor of Bridgeport Strong. “Our hope for this election is that the people on the Unrig slate who are promising to move our city forward will provide the opportunity to do just that!”

“The Unrig Bridgeport Coalition’s work in choosing 10 viable, high quality candidates for Bridgeport was both essential and extremely gratifying,” said Ronelle Swagerty of the Greater Bridgeport Ed Gomes Black Democratic Club. “The Black Democratic Club looks forward to contributing to their elections.” 

On June 3rd, in addition to announcing the endorsement of Marilyn Moore for Mayor, the coalition also launched an accompanying voter education, engagement, and mobilization effort in support of all candidates for local office who receive the endorsement. Since that date, this effort has already engaged thousands of Bridgeport voters. Voter engagement activities include, but are not limited to: traditional grassroots organizing initiatives (like door knocking, phone banking, and mailers); modern online and digital organizing initiatives (like social media, digital ads, and text/email engagement); and other forms of paid advertising initiatives like billboards and signage. The Year of Change campaign, first announced on January 24th and paid for by Bridgeport Generation Now Votes, is an independent expenditure campaign and is not authorized by or done in coordination with any candidate or candidate’s committee. To see our Form 26 July 10th filing, click here.   

“Between now and the primary election on Tuesday, September 12th, we will be talking with voters about The People’s Platform and our shared vision for positive change,” said Callie Gale Heilmann, Co-Director of Bridgeport Generation Now Votes. “Corruption doesn’t define us, it’s just in the way. With Marilyn Moore as our next mayor, together with all the candidates on The People’s Slate, we can finally get to work on building the just, equitable, democratic, and livable city we all know is possible.” 

Love Bridgeport? Learn Why Marilyn Moore is The People’s Choice For Mayor, Read The People’s Platform,  Pledge to Vote on Tues, Sept, 12th and Donate to the Year of Change HERE!