BRIDGEPORT – Although Mario Testa was re-elected last night as Chairman of Bridgeport’s 90-member Democratic Town Committee, there were signs that Democrats are unhappy with his leadership.

In a roll call vote, about 15 members of the Town Committee voted no, including City Council President Aidee Nieves (137th District/East Side) and City Council member Ernest Newton (139th District/East End). City Council member Alfredo Castillo (136th District/Hollow), however, chose to “kiss the ring.”

The Democratic Town Committee represents the Democratic Party here in Bridgeport. The 90 members are meant to recruit and endorse Democrats to run for local, state, and federal office. Ideally, Bridgeport’s Town Committee would endorse candidates on Big “D” Democratic priorities: issues like health care, racial justice, the economy, education, gun reform, equal pay, voting rights, immigrant rights, and the climate crisis.

Unfortunately in Bridgeport, over the years our democracy – and our Democratic Party – stopped working on issues for the betterment of all people and started working for a few individuals and their personal gain. People have been made to play “Mario’s Game” for so long without really winning  – because this game is rigged. That’s why we launched our Unrig Bridgeport campaign and The People’s Platform!

Together, we can fix Bridgeport’s broken democracy! Because it’s up to all of us to end this game – once and for all!

In Bridgeport, there’s always some deal maker insisting you have to “play the game” if you want to run for office. It’s wrong and we don’t have to stand for it!

Clip from our animation “Bridgeport Elections: How They Are vs. How They Should Be!”