BRIDGEPORT – Last night, after an hour of being berated, disrespected, and patronized by the Ganim administration’s top City Attorney, R. Christopher Meyer, the City Council’s  Ordinance Committee showed a united front — and flexed its power — by unanimously passing the Empowered City Council Act!

In typical obstructionist fashion, Attorney Meyer did not come to the meeting prepared to assist the City Council, even though his office has had a copy of the ordinance since January 18th. In doing so, he proved why City Council needs their own Legal Counsel. His strong-arm tactics didn’t work. City Council held the line. 

Taken from The People’s Platform, the Empowered City Council Act staffs our City Council with the support it needs to be an independent branch of government. The ECCA will give City Council the authority to:

  • Hire up to 5 Legislative Aides
  • Retain their own Legal Counsel
  • Hire a Budget Director

Bridgeport voters know we need a separate but equal Bridgeport City Council — and passing the Empowered City Council Act out of committee is an essential first step to help make that a reality!

Thank you to all the City Council Members who stood their ground last night!

  • City Council President Aidee Nieves (137th/East Side)
  • City Council Member Tyler Mack (131st/South End)
  • City Council Member Marcus Brown, Ordinance Committee Co-Chair (132nd/West Side)
  • City Council Member Rosalina Roman-Christy, Ordinance Committee Co-Chair (135th/North End)
  • City Council Member Aikeem Boyd (133rd/North End)
  • City Council Member Jorge Cruz (131st/South End)
  • City Council Member Michelle Lyons (134th/North End)
  • City Council Member Ernest Newton (139th/East End)

Mark your calendars for Monday, April 11th at 6:30pm for the full City Council Meeting, when The Empowered City Council Act will be on the agenda!