About Joseph Sokolovic: Joe Sokolovic is the father of an 8th grade student enrolled in Bridgeport Public Schools and is married to an educator. Mr. Sokolovic is also a soon to be retired civil servant and has served on the Bridgeport Board of Education for 4 years. On the BOE, he focuses on advocating for equity in science education and achieving financial equity for Bridgeport Public School students. Mr. Sokolovic believes strongly in giving students tools to make them more competitive in today’s STEM driven society. Mr. Sokolovic also knows the citizens of our great city can work collectively to rid Bridgeport of the corruption, which he states is pervasive throughout the system. Mr. Sokolovic believes we must #UnrigBridegport. 

Although not all policies relate to his role on the Board of Education, Joe Sokolovic supports The People’s Platform in its entirety and will work with the Unrig Bridgeport Coalition to support the policies. Mr. Sokolovic said the lack of funding for education, the lack of after-school activities, and disproportionate staff to student racial and ethnic demographics were the most pressing issues facing the school district today. He’s most excited to work on policies related to open budgets, live streaming of all public meetings, and hosting town halls. The Unrig Bridgeport Coalition recognizes Mr. Sokolovic as an important independent voice, as he fights for what’s best for Bridgeport’s students and families, and is proud to support him for the Board of Education.