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About Aidee Nieves: Aidee Nieves was raised in a Puerto Rican family in Bridgeport and is a proud product of Bridgeport public schools. Her passion for the East Side and Bridgeport was instilled at a young age watching her grandfather clean the front of his bodega – Maria’s Grocery on East Main Street – and her mother regularly encouraging her to make a difference in the community. In addition to being a loving wife and mother of three, Ms. Nieves is employed full-time at Achievement First Bridgeport Academy as an office coordinator and has been committed to grassroots community organizing for over 20 years. Representing the 137th District on the City Council, in December 2017 Nieves was elected by her fellow lawmakers as the first “Puertorriqueña ” City Council President in Bridgeport’s history, an honor that was humbling for her and a glass ceiling breaking moment for Connecticut’s largest city. It has been Nieves life -long commitment to move her community forward and work to improve her constituents’ quality of life – regardless of race, class, gender, or socioeconomic status. Council President Nieves is currently leading a number of policing reform and accountability initiatives in the City of Bridgeport that address the safety, security, educational, and social service needs of the residents of Bridgeport.

Once elected, Aidee Nieves is committed to working on The People’s Platform, in particular those involving reforming the Bridgeport Police Department and Police Commission, conducting a racial equity study and anti-racism training for city employees, and ensuring greater transparency around City Council meetings. During her tenure at the City Council, Council President Nieves has distinguished herself and been a leader on all these issues, and we look forward to working with her towards continued progress once she is reelected. The Unrig Bridgeport Coalition is proud to support Aidee Nieves for City Council in the 137th District.

About Maria Valle: Maria Valle is a lifelong Bridgeport resident and homeowner on the East Side where she raised her three children. Her involvement in the community started in the public school system as the president of the Parent Advisory Council where her children attended school. After witnessing a teenager being shot in front of her home in the late 90’s, Valle’s commitment to her community grew stronger as she endeavored to address public safety concerns. She first ran and won a seat on the City Council in 2002 and served until 2009. In 2015 she ran again and has been on the Council since then. Vallie remains passionate about ensuring public safety for the East Side and all of Bridgeport. 

Once elected, Maria Valle will work on The People’s Platform and is particularly excited about advancing the live streaming public meetings to expand access to residents, exploring the public financing of municipal elections, and supporting a charter revision commission Council Member Valle has a long-standing commitment to the issues of education and public safety, and knows those are among the most important issues facing Bridgeporters. We look forward to working with her on these issues and others once she is reelected. The Unrig Bridgeport Coalition is proud to support Marie Valle for City Council in the 137th District.”