Tuesday, November 2nd – Voting is our power – and it’s time to flex it! Today, voters across Bridgeport will head to the polls and select their candidates for City Council, Board of Education, and City Sheriff. You will vote for 2 candidates for City Council, 3 candidates for Board of Education, and 3 candidates for City Sheriff in Bridgeport’s local elections.

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Unfortunately, in Bridgeport, over the years our democracy stopped working for all people and started working for a few individuals and their personal gain. Our city has been hijacked to ensure those in power keep it.

That’s why we launched the Unrig Bridgeport campaign – because it’s our job to fix Bridgeport’s broken democracy! As we hear over and over from Bridgeport residents, they feel their voice — and their vote — doesn’t matter. So much so that many people refuse to participate in our local elections because they think the game is rigged. Now, we’re coming together as a community and a city to change that.

Over the summer, the Unrig Bridgeport coalition wrote The People’s Platform – a 30-point policy plan that offers a transformative vision of justice and equity initiatives, good government proposals, pro-democracy measures, and takes on the culture of systemic corruption in the Park City.

Ever wonder, “Who has the power to make change in Bridgeport?” We do – by voting for the City Council and Board of Education candidates who pledged to The People’s Platform!

On Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, we’re asking you to vote for the candidates who pledged to The People’s Platform. It’s how we know we can have a real impact on the policies that affect our lives!

Together, we can Unrig Bridgeport – Get out and Vote today Tuesday, November 2nd!