About Tyler Mack: Born and raised in Bridgeport, CT, Tyler Mack lived in a single-parent household with two older brothers. At an early age, Mack learned the importance of hard work, love and the strength of the community. Tyler currently serves as the legislative aide to the State Senate President of Connecticut. He graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University with a degree in business administration, minored in pre-law and is a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. His candidacy for city council is centered on helping Bridgeport reach its full potential by investing in our education system, infrastructure, and small businesses. He knows this city can be a great place of opportunity, culture, and spirit and believes if the city invests in its people, then the people will want to invest back into the city.

Tyler Mack pledged to work with the Unrig Bridgeport Coalition on all 30 policies of The People’s Platform when elected into office. Mr. Mack is most excited about working on policies related to public safety and police accountability, ethics reform, and empowering the city council to be a true check on the Mayor’s administration. The Unrig Bridgeport Coalition believes that Mr. Mack’s experience working at the state legislature will strengthen our local government and directly benefit the families of his district and of Bridgeport. We are proud to support Tyler Mack for City Council in the 131st District. 

About Jorge Cruz: Jorge Cruz was born in Puerto Rico in 1957, and moved to the United States at the age of 5 after his father passed away. Jorge was raised at the PT Barnum Housing projects where he lived for 26 years. He is now a father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Mr. Cruz currently works for the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services as a Recovery Support Specialist helping the “beautiful and  misunderstood population” who live with mental illness and substance abuse. Since elected to the city council in 2019, Mr. Cruz wrote and passed two important resolutions: “Declaring Racism as a Public  Health Crisis” and “Declaring Gun Violence as a Public Health Crisis”. He was the leading voice on the council demanding that the Christopher Columbus statue be removed from Seaside Park, fought for transparency in the Goodwin purchase of the University of Bridgeport and as a member of the Bridgeport Task Force on Public Safety fought for and voted to divest 760,000 from the police department and invest it into a new social services unit to respond to 911 calls when people are having a mental health and/or addiction crisis in lieu of the police. Mr. Cruz is excited about two more years on the Council to continue this important work.

Jorge Cruz pledged to work on all the policies of The People’s Platform and with the Unrig Bridgeport Coalition when elected into office. He stated that police reform, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and housing are the most pressing issues facing Bridgeport today. The Unrig Bridgeport Coalition knows that Council Member Cruz is a committed, independent voice on the Bridgeport City Council. By pledging to step down from the Democratic Town Committee if he gets re-elected, Council Member Cruz also demonstrates values of ethics and good government. We are proud to support Jorge Cruz for City Council in the 131st District.