About Dasha Spell: Dasha Spell is a lifelong resident of Bridgeport, Connecticut. As a mother, homeowner, and business owner, Dasha engages her community through civic events and attending City Council meetings where she advocates for increased funding for education. Dedicated to serving Bridgeport residents, in 2019 Ms. Spell ran for Board of Education. Even though she did not win, she learned a lot about her community and herself. Ms. Spell values transparency, accountability, and community togetherness. In her first 90 days in office, Ms. Spell pledges to advocate for equitable funding for education, review the budget for police funding, and look into small business funding and housing options for the homeless and the economically disenfranchised.

“When in office, Dasha Spell pledges to work on all 30 policies of The People’s Platform and with the Unrig Bridgeport Coalition. Ms. Spell believes that education, police reform, and economic development are the three most pressing issues facing Bridgeport today. From The People’s Platform, Ms. Spell is most excited to work on transparency at public meetings, revising our City Charter, and ensuring equitable funding for education. As a tireless advocate and independent thinker, the Unrig Bridgeport Coalition is confident that Ms. Spell will fight for what’s right for all Bridgeport residents – not just a select few. We are proud to support Ms. Spell for City Council in the 132nd District.”