Friday, November 10th, 2023 | We know the dust is still settling on Tuesday’s chaotic mayoral election, but today we are celebrating! On Tues., November 7th, 6 out of 8 of the candidates who pledged to The People’s Platform and received the Unrig Bridgeport endorsement won their elections! Congratulations to Tyler Mack, Aikeem Boyd, Fred Hodges, Aidee Nieves, Maria Valle, and Albert Benejan!* While Tammy Roseboro and JoAnn Kennedy did not win their elections, they showed great courage and determination in stepping up to run. Coming right on the heels of our 2021 wins, Tuesday’s results are another strong showing and continue to demonstrate the power of our collective organizing.

We are particularly excited to have Tyler Mack, Aikeem Boyd, Aidee Nieves, and Maria Valle back on City Council. During Tyler and Aikeem’s first terms, they, along with Aidee Nieves, led the successful passage of multiple ordinances such as establishing a Fair Rent Commission and the “Empowered City Council Act,” which made Council stronger by providing support staff and an independent attorney. Tyler, Aidee, Aikeem, and Maria Valle also worked hard to get Charter Revision passed, which ultimately failed last year because Ganim blocked it. Despite being a young, talented, progressive Black man born and raised in Bridgeport, unlike his counterparts, Tyler Mack’s strong leadership was not supported by the Democratic Town Committee. But we were so proud to back him for a second time and Bridgeport voters showed that we know how to split the ballot in the primary AND in the general. Looks like the silly, outdated idea of “Row A all the Way” may be dead on arrival.

As for the mayoral race, Ganim lost on Tuesday at the polls (again!) but won because of absentee ballots… again. This time, however, it was with an even smaller margin than the primary. In 2019, he lost at the polls to Senator Marilyn Moore but then won with 270 ABs. In the 2023 primary, he lost at the polls but ultimately won with 251 ABs. And on Tuesday, he lost at the polls but then won with a mere 175 ABs. Ganim’s losses at the polls are racking up and the question remains: how much longer can his campaign keep up the voter manipulation and absentee ballot fraud before it all comes crashing down?

One thing we know for sure, Bridgeport voters are sick and tired of being abused, manipulated, and disenfranchised by political operatives who cheat to win… and then don’t show up to govern!

Luckily, Bridgeport Democrats have another shot at sending Ganim, Mario Testa, and the entire Democratic Town Committee a message. We will have a new primary election for mayor, which will be scheduled for sometime in December. The primary election will be a rematch between Ganim and John Gomes, ordered by Judge William Clark after shocking video evidence proved that Ganim’s campaign through DTC Vice-Chair and city employee Wanda Geter-Pataky and candidate-elect Eneida Martinez violated multiple election laws, putting the results of September’s primary “seriously in doubt.” We will keep voters informed, educated, and energized for the new primary, so stay tuned!

On Tuesday, Bridgeport voters already sent a message loud and clear by electing pro-democracy, anti-corruption candidates to City Council and to the Board of Education. We are ready for CHANGE! This diverse group will work on The People’s Platform for the next 2-4 years, and advance real policies and solutions to issues as diverse and important as ending corruption at City Hall, strengthening our local democracy, increasing education funding, making housing more affordable, and more!

See the election results below.

* While voters could choose 3 candidates for Board of Education, 4 seats were open. The candidates who were elected into office are Albert Benejan (Independent Party), Willie Medina (Independent Party), Andre Woodson Sr. (Democratic Party), and Tehiba Williams-Bain (Democratic Party). Bobbi Brown, Sybill Allen, and David Gelin did not run to keep their seats and will be leaving the Board.